When do you pay me the rewards for my Personal Shopper collaboration, buyer  and promotor?

Rewards for buying, collaborating and promoting are paid at the time tudomus charged the commision to the seller.


When I promote a home in tudomus, and one of my contacts purchase another tudomus's house, Do I get the promotor prize?

Yes, you would receive the promotor's prize of the house when your contact buy or rent through tudomus.


What I have to do if someone asks me to pay a commission off tudomus?

Most of our transactions occur without incident. It does not mean that there may be signs of a possible scam. For these cases, please send an email to [email protected] with data of the Personal Shopper or Promoter has asked you to do this, and we will take appropriate legal actions.

I am a seller, how I have to pay the commision?

Once the sale or rental is singned we will send you an invoice with the fees.


I am a Personal Shopper and Promoter, When I will receive my prize?

Once the sale or rental is signed, we will communicate. At that point you will have to access tudomus and proceed to claim your prize. You will receive the money via bank transfer

Payment method. Can I choose a payment method?

No. Currently tudomus only pay via bank transfer. We are working for our users to pay and get paid via PayPal, Payoneer, Western ...

What applies VAT.

It is the value added tax that is applied in services. It does not apply to awards. Only apply it to the invoice sent to the seller once sold his house.

Can I use Pay Pal to receive payments?

We have not this possibility. Currently the only way to receive payment is via bank transfer.

How much will I receive as payment of the prize?

The amount you will receive is the prize that appears on the property sold or rented. Access tudomus and you can check.

Why you hold fast tax payments?

We are required to make deductions for the awards as the applicable laws of the country in which the property sold is located.

Who is responsible for paying taxes?

Tudomus is responsible for conducting and applying withholding taxes that apply in the country of location of the property.

How I can lower the price of my home?

You must login and edit your property.

How much I have to pay to sell my home?

It is important to know that the rates that you agree to pay for the sale or rental your house is shared among the users involved in the process and tudomus.

When fees are paid?

The fee is paid once you've closed the sale/rental of your home. Until you accept the final price and the buyer sign the contract does not have to pay any amount.

If you have more questions please send them to [email protected]