We advance the money from the sale of your house

If we do not sell your home in the time that we indicate we advance the money.

Buy your new house without worries.

Sale guarantee

We value your house and estimate the price and sale deadline, anticipating part of the price if we have not been able to sell it. This advance may reach 95% of the sale value of the house.

We sell your house at the agreed price

We will establish a sale price and a minimum price, being able to sell it above, never below the minimum price.

Start looking for your new home

Save yourself months of uncertainty. Now you can find your new home with the security you need.

What happens if the house is sold in the estimated period?

If we sell your home before the established deadline will receive the selling price less our fees

What happens if the house is not sold in the estimated period?

You will receive the established guarantee money. We will continue selling your house and when we finish the sale, you will receive the total of the sale price less the amount advanced as collateral, less our rates

How it works

  • Send us information about the house

    Fill out our online form with the details of the house you want to sell.

  • We'll talk on the phone

    We will call you by phone to get more information about your home and answer any questions you have.

  • Initial assessment and guarantee

    We will carry out the valuation of the house, estimating the sale price and time of sale and guarantee that we can offer you.

  • We will visit your house to finalize your valuation

    We will call to make a visit to your home, confirm our valuation and start selling.

Fee calculator

Assuming a 4% fee, 95% guarantee and 100 days to sell

Input your home valuation:

If we sell the house before 100 days

You receive
Discount our fees (4%) -
Would leave you

If we do not sell it before 100 days we anticipate 95%

... and we continue selling your house

When we sell the house

You receive
You return the advance -
Discount our fees (4%) -
Would leave you

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