We guide you throughout the process of selling your home

We value and estimate the time of sale of your house, we make the photographic report, the publication and the sale.

Personal adviser

Our advisors know what their clients want. They will visit your house and solve your doubts.

Market value

We will inform you of the market value and we will make the photographic report for a successful publication.

Quick sale

We will publish your house in other real estate websites for a quick sale. The visits of the buyers will be made assisted by the advisor.

How it works

  • Send us information about the house

    Fill out our online form with all the information and photographs of the house.

  • Advisory Assistance & Assessment.

    We will call you by phone and close a visit with your Advisor. We will solve all the doubts, indicating the sale value and we will make the photograps.

  • Marketing plan

    We will publish the house among our network of collaborators and real estate websites, without cost to you.

  • Buyer management

    We will manage visits to your home with the support of a commercial. You will receive offers and you will be able to negotiate them online.

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Guaranteed sale plan

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