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Find the right home for you searching the home by country, province, city, area, price, the search box

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Take a look at the results by location from the map to the left.

Recommendations Promoters

Tudomus has a network of Promoters and Personal Shoppers that will help you to buy or rent the house. See the community of tudomus and you will see the activity of our networking.

Find your perfect home

Use the tools at your disposal to find the perfect home. Comments, recommendations, pictures, maps and other information will help you to choose the houses. The response rate, verifications, reviews, ... will help you get the house of your dreams.

Don't you find out the home of your dreams in tudomus?

If you don't find the home you are looking for, publish your demand and we'll search the house. Whenever a home fits with your demands, you will receive a notification and you will be the first to know it


Step 2. Add houses that you like in your favorites.

Select the entire range of tudomus houses that you'd like and incorporate to favorites. We recommend you to complete your profile in mydomus/my profile before applying day and time for your visit as many Sellers, Promotors and Personal Shoppers prefer to know the potential buyers / tenants from their homes.


Step 3. Schedule home visit

Click the "book a visit" button to send a formal request to the Seller. When the Seller accepts your visit request, you will receive a confirmation by email and the visit will be recorded in "Mydomus" Then all the information for your visit will appear in mydomus/my shopping


Step 4. Send Offer

After the visit, send an offer for buy or lease of the house of your dreams. To offer for the house you have to press the "make an offer" button isin the information of the house. Once the offer is submitted you have to wait for an answer from the seller that may counteroffer once. You have the last word to accept the final price.


Step 5. Formalize the purchase or rental

Tudomus will contact you for helping with all you need for buying or renting your home. Once the purchase is done, you may apply the buyer's prize you've gotten inviting your friends. Remember the maximum prize you can get is the one appearing on the information of the house as "REWARD FOR BUY THIS HOUSE"


Buyer as Personal Shopper

Once you have purchased your home, you will be asked if you want to be Personal Shopper of houses remaining in your residential or other houses next to your new home. In this way you can help buyers and your future neighbors on their purchase and win the prize of personal shopper. We know that any help buying a home is welcome!


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