What Real Estate Personal Shopper is?

The personal shopper is the user that helps buyers of tudomus in the process of buying or renting a home.

The main function of personal shopper is to accompany and listen the buyers during the visit to the house and communicate tudomus all the questions, needs or any other issues arising from the visit. This communication is done in tudomus

If the buyer wants to negotiate the purchase price, submit an offer, need financing, legal advice, information ... you have to report tudomus throught the platform and we will give them professional advice. Once the buyer buy or rent the house, the personal shopper is rewarded for its cooperation with the prizes shown on the information of each of the houses.

Steps for Personal Shopper

Step1. Profile as Personal Shopper

We recommend you to complete your profile, many sellers, buyers and promoters prefer to know who are the Personnal Shoppers, for selling or rent their homes. Some buyers and sellers only accept help other users with complete profiles, so we recommend that you add a photo and other information.

Also your information will be public, so we advise you to review the data and incorporate pictures to your profile. Sellers will have access to your information, contact number, number of houses in the portfolio areas where you do your help...

Step 2. Allocation of houses to show buyers

Search the homes of you interest in tudomus. All the houses that appear in the collaborator search are available. Once you identify a house,  select it. You will see all the information, seller price, romms, baths,... Push the green botton "Collaborate".

From tudomus we will assign you houses considering your preferences and location. To assign housing, we consider houses you've selected to make your collaboration, your availability and the satisfaction survey of former buyers.

Allocation of houses
Once we assign a home, you will receive a notification alerting you. Access "collaborations" to accept or reject the assignment. You have 2 days to accept it. Otherwise the allocation of housing will go to another Personnal Shopper in the area.


Step 3. Home visits

Visits by buyers.

Buyer will requests a visit to one of the properties that you have assigned. You will receive a notice with date and time of the visit and this information will appear in tudomus.

In some cases, not at all, you should ask for the keys to the custodian. Do not worry, it's easy. You'll have all the information in tudomus, ... and if you have more questions send us an email and we solve [email protected] 

We remind you that you must invite buyers to submit an offer for the house using  tudomus.com, with the "Offer" button located on the property information. Sending the offer the buyer will start the negotiations for the purchase or lease of the house with the seller.

Do not forget that tudomus will help buyers with legal advise during the process of buying or renting the home.


Step 4. Information on your activity

You can access your information as Personnal Shopper in tudomus. Find the properties of your portfolio, visits of your contacts, offers sent by them, prizes won in case of sale or lease ....
Use every tool at your disposal to argue the sale or rental of the house to your buyers. Comments, recommendations og promoters, pictures, maps and others will help you teach the houses.
Step 5. Prizes

Once a house of your portfolio taught for you is bought or rented, you will be notified with instructions to receive your prize.Tudomus will transfer the prize in the account you specify.


Need more information?

Our customer service team will help you with any questions [email protected]. If you are interested to collaborate as Personal Shopper, please send us your CV to [email protected] with the Ref: Personal Shopper 

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