Step1. Publish your home

Click Publish home botton,  located on the top right of tudomus.

If you do not have all the information of the property, you may save what you have completed and login later to finish of advertise your home.

We recommend you to complete your profile, many buyers prefer to know who the sellers / lessors of their future home are. Some Promoters and Personal Shoppers only accept help users with complete profiles, so it is recommended that you add a photo and other information.
Publish a perfect house

It is very important that all information is accurate, realistic and photos taken with love. The data, photos and help you to sell or rent your home.
The percentage of offers you receive, views of interested buyers, acceptances of Personal Shoppers, ... rely on the information, photos and the price. Spend time before you start !!
If you are a professional and want to list your houses send an email to [email protected]
Step 2. Visits by buyers

You can find Promotors and ask them to recommend your property to buyers. To select the most suitable Promoters just click the photos of our users and get information from their activity. 

Do not forget that you can be a promoter of your home too and recommend to buyers.


Buyers visit your home.

Users who are interested in yor home will request a day and time to visit it. You will receive this notification and will be able to access all the information in tudomus.


Buyers to visit homes where you don´t reside (beach houses, mountain ..)

In case of the home you are selling or renting is not your usual residence don´t worry about anything, we care of it. The Personal Shopper will contact the person you say us "Key´s custodian" and will collect the keys showing the house to the buyer. After the visit he will return the keys to the custodian of the keys.


Step 3. Receive offers

At any time a user can send you an offer to buy or rent your home. You can accept, reject or send a counteroffer to de buyer.
Recognition of payment to tudomus

Once you receive a final offer for selling your home you have to accept the "special conditions for sale or rent" acknowledging the payment of the amount you had set when you published your house. Once we check everything is perfect we will close the sale or rental price with the buyer.
Step 4. Formalize the sale or rental of your home

Tudomus will contact you to close the sale or lease with the buyer, helping and advising you on what you need for the success of the operation.
Step 5. Billing

Once you sign the sales mandate or lease with the buyer, tudomus will send the invoice with the fees. 
Need more information?

Our customer service team will help you with any questions

[email protected]

Check out our FAQs.


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Terms and Conditions


If you are a company and you are interested in selling your properties in tudomus send us an email to [email protected]