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If you prefer, we will take care of publishing your house. You will be able to know to the promoters of your house, the times that has been promoted, information of outstanding and realized visits, offers and counter-offers ....

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You will have the Tudomus community. Select the users who will help you market your home.

Our network of promoters and personal shoppers are at your disposal for a sale and fast rent.

Market Information

Market Information

Access the market information of our community.
Here you will find everything you need to know and check the price evolution of the area where you sell or rent.

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To be able to provide these services, we will increase to the selling price or rent that you have indicated a minimum rate that we will only charge if we sell or rent your house. No cost for you.

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Access your home and update its value. It is very easy, you only have to update the information that we have as reforms made, distribution, characteristics and peculiarities of the house and you will get the sale price or free rent.


You will not be disturbed by any agency or individual. Your contact information will not appear in the post. We filter all calls, contacts and manage visits.

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You have our online trading system. You will receive offers for your house, being able to accept them, reject them or counter-offer, .. Until the final agreement.

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Once accepted the offer, our legal department will initiate the proceedings with both buyers and sellers to formalize the sale or rent in a fast and safe.

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