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Tudomus gives you the opportunity to develop yourself as a real estate advisor, a profession of future.

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We give you everything: houses, clients, training and large fees.

Once validated as Personal Shopper, every time you have a visit to a house of your portfolio you will receive notifications to accompany the buyer or lessee, being able to accept the view or reject it if it does not suit you. You will have total flexibility. You will have all the necessary information and support of our Call Center to sell and rent the house. Once a client buys or rents a house managed by you, we will notify you the fees that you must bill us

We pay the visits

In tudomus we do not want the visits cost to our users.
We anticipate travel costs.
Advance payment. To deduct from fees generated.*
*To bill monthly.

Do you know who sells or rents houses?

Send him an invitation to publish his house in Tudomus and make sure the exclusive one. You will be the only personal shopper to market the house

Great fees

Based on the principles of sharing economy, we have a fee schedule that you will receive. These depend on the final price of the house you sell or rent.

Invoice your fees

When the sale or rental of a house takes place, we will enable a link in your private profile so you can attach the invoice. Once received, we will pay you the fees by bank

In case you are not freelance, we indicate how you can bill us

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  • Access the first real estate community.
  • Select houses near your place of residence.
  • Add them to your porfolio and ... Ready!

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Adosado en venta en Málaga Capital


Málaga, Málaga Capital

Ganar N/A

Piso en alquiler en Salinas


Alicante, Salinas

Ganar 400

Piso a la venta en Elche (Alicante)


Alicante, Elche

Ganar 564

Chalet independiente a la venta en Piélagos (Cantabria)


Alicante, Piélagos

Ganar 968


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