Sell without commissions
Single payment € 599

From owner to owner

Market value

We will inform you of the sale value and we will make the photographic report for a successful publication.

Photo report and publication

We take care of the photos and publish your house in other real estate websites for a quick sale.

Online management

Receive requests to visit buyers. You can manage it with our online management system.

How it works

  • Send us information about the house

    Fill out our online form with all the information of the house.

  • Photo Report and valuation

    We will call you by phone and close a visit to make the photo report. Later we will tell you the sale value of the house

  • Marketing plan

    We will publish the house among our network of collaborators and real estate websites.

  • Online management

    We filter calls and respond to requests for information. You should only take care of accepting visits and offers

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